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No Need to Call the Doctor – We Have the Prescription for a Healthy Kitchen

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 There are so many things to take into consideration when designing a kitchen. It’s where the most action takes place. Meals are prepared, conversations are held, daily activities are planned and executed. Life happens here! It takes critical planning to create a beautiful and functional space. But gone are

What NOT to do in your kitchen remodel: 5 planning mistakes

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Everyone is always talking about tips on how to remodel your kitchen. But no one seems to address some of the planning mistakes that I see every day. This is not a comprehensive list as I could go on for a few posts about things I consider design

What you thought you knew about your kitchen!

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This is another article I wrote for PNJ Home and Garden Weekly. Reprinted for those who might have missed it! Let me know your thoughts or if you agree or disagree! Comments always welcome! Planning a kitchen design, whether a remodel or new construction can be a Herculean

Pffft..Sad day:The non winning entry into SZ/Wolf Competition

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Ok, I am working on a great and detailed blog post for tomorrow that I hope will be beneficial info for many readers….designers as well as consumers….but in the meantime, while working on that post,diligently, sweating, worrying about all the details…I received an email from Subzero/Wolf telling me

Color your kitchen!

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(copy of article I wrote for regional publication) Too often people nervously approach the edge of their comfort zone when it comes to adding color in the kitchen and then quickly head back to the safety of blah. There is no reason to treat this area any differently

Are backsplashes important in a kitchen?

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Simple answer: Absolutely! But, does that mean always an involved, intricate design? No, it does not. In fact, in every project, the backsplash has to be see which direction the overall design might dictate. Often, I want to ignore the backsplash and not make it a focal

Bathonista Interview

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Recently I did an interview on Bathonista website. Check it out and tell me what you think! But please, no brick throwing for my unforgiving diatribe about golden oak. Just say no to Golden Oak!! Keep your friends and family away from it! Don’t walk, run. IF you

White Beach Kitchen soft and serene

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White kitchens are never going to fade out of view. They are crisp, clean and provide unlimited possibilities. The trick is making them look fresh and not dated. In this kitchen, note the more modern “sticks” for backsplash tile and the modern handles. These design elements add the